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7 September 2012

Severe Storms Threaten College Football Saturday In The Northeast (updated)

There is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms, with a few tornadoes, over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states beginning Saturday afternoon. A moderate risk is a big deal anytime, but this event will happen on a busy Saturday with hundreds of thousands of people in college football stadiums across the region. The timing could not be worse either. As it looks now, the line of severe storms will be moving into the …


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3 September 2012

Joe Romm’s Must Read Book

Joe Romm is a physicist who writes the very popular Climate Progress blog, and he has written one incredibly valuable book. If you are in any way involved in communication, especially science communication, this book is a must read. Rarely do I finish a book and like it so much, that I reread it almost immediately. I did this one. Language Intelligence is about the power of rhetoric, and how …


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1 September 2012

American Meteorological Society Issues Updated Statement On Climate Change

The AMS has released its updated statement on climate change, and as expected, it is considerably more direct than the previous one issued in 2007. This is no surprise since the last 5 years have seen a remarkable increase in understanding, along with 5 more years of observations and measurements. Full disclosure here: I’ve been a proud member of the American Meteorological Society for around 35 years. I also serve on the AMS Committee for Station …


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