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18 August 2006

Deep Time

One of the last things I had to do before I finished my Masters in Earth Science was a presentation on James Hutton. Hutton is not one of the famous great scientists like Newton, Darwin or Galileo. He probably deserves to be a name that everyone knows, but such is not the case. Hutton is known today as the founder of modern Geology. He was a Scottish naturalist who had …


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12 August 2006

A Break In The Heat

Well, we finally broke the heat wave. Many areas had some heavy rains over the last 48 hours as well, so that should make the farmers happy. I have a tree in the yard that’s about 3 years old. It was almost dead from lack of water. After a good heavy rain Thursday night, it had perked back up nicely! I had been kicking myself for not noticing it, but …


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6 August 2006

Long Range Hurricane Forecasts – They always make me laugh!

The news media seems to love these long range hurricane forecasts. Dr. William Gray started forecasting the number of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin over 20 years ago. NOAA in Washington has begun to make an annual prediction as well. There is some good in these predictions. They get lots of attention, and hopefully get coastal residents thinking about what they would do if they were faced …


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