25 March 2019

Moon Madness 2019

Posted by llester

Announcing the 2019 Milky Way Division I Moon Championships hosted by @theAGU.
Tuesday, March 26 – Monday, April 8.

16 competitors, 15 matches, one moon champion.

Download a fill-able MoonMadness bracket

#MoonMadness Matches will be announced daily on AGU’s main Twitter feed @theAGU. Check this page for match links and bracket updates.

Twitter polls will determine the winner of each match-up. Polls close after 24 hours. Visit us on Twitter @theAGU to vote.

Leveraging your social media networks to influence the outcomes with amazing moonfacts is not only permitted, but strongly encouraged.

Final match: Monday, April 8.

May the best moon win. Artwork by Olivia Ambrogio.

March 28

Round 1/Match 6
Hippocamp v Hyperion


Neptune's moon Hippocamp was discovered by Hubble in 2013 and is only 34 kilometers wide Saturn's moon Hyperion orbits the planet every 21 Earth days, and rotates once every 13 Earth days

Round 1/Match 5
Miranda v Charon


Miranda, moon of Uranus, is 470 kilometers wide and has canyons 20 kilometers deepCharon, moon of Pluto, is 604 kilometers wide, half the size of Pluto

March 27

Round 1/Match 4
Moon v Exomoon

71% : 29% Moon advances

proposed Exomoon of Kepler-1625b, 8,000 light years from Earth Moon, the original, 384,400 kilometers from Earth (on average)

Round 1/ Match 3
Europa v Io

56% : 44% Europa advances

Europa moon of Jupiter. depth of ice shell: 15-25 kilometers Io moon of Jupiter has more than 150 active volcanoes.


March 26

Round 1/Match 2
Ganymede v Enceladus

32% : 68% Enceladus advances

Ganymede moon of Jupiter Enceladus moon of Saturn

Round 1/Match 1
Triton v Titan

33% : 67%  Titan advances

Triton moon of Neptune Titan moon of Saturn