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4 May 2022

The Claxton Bay landslide in Trinidad

The residents of a community in the Claxton Bay area of Trinidad in the Caribbean are having their lives destroyed by a landslide


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24 September 2018

Cebu landslide: should mining be banned in the Philippines?

In the aftermath of the Cebu landslide in the Philippines, which killed about 90 people, there is now a discussion as to whether mining should be banned


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16 October 2009

The Naches / Nile River landslide and the role of the quarry

Spectacular image of the Naches / Nile River landslide, from the Washington State DNR Flickr site Hat tip to Andrew Giles for pointing this out to me. The Seattle Times have run an article today about the role of the quarry in the triggering of the Naches landslide. They quite rightly point out that there is no firm evidence either way as to whether the quarry played a role or …


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11 August 2009

A strange update on the Nachterstedt landslide

A strange update has appeared in the “The Local” regarding the Nachterstedt landslide. This reports that “Scientists at the Collm Observatory at Leipzig University registered an underground movement in the area measuring 1.0 on the Richter Scale, just six minutes before the first call to the emergency services on July 18. An earthquake can be ruled out, the scientists told Der Spiegel magazine, but they suggested it would be feasible …


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16 December 2007

Vietnam landslide

There are newswire reports of a nasty landslide in central Vietnam. The reports suggest that this was a rockslide in the morning of 15th December in Tuong Duong district of central Nghe An province triggered by quarrying as part of a hydroelectric powerplant scheme. The number of workers buried is 18. Looking at the picture available here there is little chance of any survivors. The unfortunate victims appear to all …


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