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3 November 2010

Updates – the Canterbury earthquake railway line; Hurricane Tomas and Haiti; and Manchhar lake in Pakistan

This is a general update email on a range of recent posts: 1. The railway line affected by the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand Yesterday I posted the image to the left of the deformation to a railway line were it crossed the surface expression of the fault that was responsible for the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand.  A number of people contributed to the discussion (thanks to you all) …


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24 September 2010

Remarkable NASA imagery of catastrophic flooding around Manchhar Lake in Pakistan

NASA have provided the most dramatic evidence yet of the catastrophic floods that are occurring around Manchhar (Manchar) Lake in Pakistan (see my post yesterday on this issue).  This image was captured by the ALI instrument on 18th September: Compare this with an image taken of the same area just three days earlier: Or the Google Earth image of the same area, which was collected in May this year: Geo-TV, …


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