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15 July 2020

Cromwell: helicopter sluicing to manage a landslide

A large rock slope failure has developed at Cromwell in New Zealand. The NZTA are using helicopter sluicing to try to manage the hazard.


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17 April 2018

Landslides in Nepal: the need for a national agency?

A group of national and international experts are calling for the creation of a new national agency to manage landslides in Nepal.


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26 February 2013

A new, free landslide resource – Community based landslide risk reduction: Managing disasters in small steps

Liz Holcombe and Malcolm Anderson at Bristol have written a new book, which is available free download, on managing landslide hazard in less developed countries. Based on their pioneering work in the Caribbean, this is an invaluable resource


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7 November 2012

The National Slope Masterplan in Malaysia

A couple of years ago the Slope Engineering Department in Malaysia produced a National Slope Masterplan, which is now available online.


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17 May 2011

Attabad landslide – Geohazards 5 presentation

A link to the paper and powerpoint presentation for my talk on the Attabad landslide at the Geohazards 5 conference in Kelowna, Canada today.


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27 August 2009

Op Ed in Taipei Times on landslide management in Taiwan

The Taipei Times, which is the premier English language newspaper in Taiwan, has generously run as an Op. Ed. an improved version of my blog post reflecting on landslide management in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot. This is available here.


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18 August 2009

Some reflections on the Typhoon Morakot landslide disaster in Taiwan

For landslide scientists Taiwan has an almost mythical status, effectively being the nearest thing to a landslide laboratory. To my great benefit I have been able to work on landslides in Taiwan since 1991. As well as being a country of great beauty (there are good reasons why the Portuguese named it Ilha Formasa – Beautiful Island – in 1544), the combination of high rates of tectonic uplift, weak rocks, …


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23 June 2009

The National Centre for Landslide Research, Studies and Management in India

Yesterday, the Indian National Disaster Management Authority held a press conference to announce the publication of a new set of “National Disaster Management Guidelines – Management of Landslides and Snow Avalanches”. At this press conference it was also announced that the Indian Government will set up a National Centre for Landslide Research, Studies and Management, to be located in one of the most landslide-prone states (I would guess that this …


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