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10 January 2022

The fatal flexural topple at Canyon de Furnas in Brazil

. The fatal flexural topple at Cânyon de Furnas in Brazil Many thanks to the various people who have contacted me over the weekend about the fatal flexural topple at Canyon de Furnas in Brazil on Saturday morning (8 January 2022), as shown in the image above.  This event, which was caught on a dramatic video, has received considerable attention in part because of the spectacular nature of the event …


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27 June 2019

Mount Iliamna: a large landslide in Alaska on 20th June 2019

A very large landslide occurred on the flanks of Mount Iliamna, a volcano located in Alaska, on 21st June 2019.


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29 October 2014

Mount Mannen in Norway: an imminent large rockslide

In Mount Mannen in western Norway, an apparently imminent large rockslide is attracting great media interest, including a live webcam


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20 December 2012

Updated: Another bout of landslides in the UK today

Heavy rainfall falling onto saturated ground across the UK is triggering more landslides today


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8 December 2012

So just how bad was the debris flow at Barangay Andap during typhoon Bopha / Pablo ?

A photograph of the aftermath of Typhoon Bopha / Pablo at Barangay Andap in the Philippines. This is entirely avoidable.


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