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18 February 2021

A GIS-based map of the Chunchi landslide in Ecuador

With thanks to @Angel_V_A for highlighting it, there is now a fantastic GIS-based map of the Chunchi landslide in Ecuador online


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16 February 2021

The very large Chunchi landslide in Ecuador

The unusual and very large, valley-blocking Chunchi landslide in Ecuador, which occurred on 12 February 2021


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21 July 2020

Rio Coca: a valley-blocking landslide in Ecuador caught on video

On 18 July 2020 a landslide occurred on the Rio Coca in Ecuador, blocking the river. Both the initial failure and the breach were captured on video.


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12 June 2013

A catastrophic landslide-induced oil spill in Ecuador (including two shocking videos of the pollution)

A landslide induced rupture of the Trans-Ecuador pipeline on 31st May is polluting the Coca River, affecting Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Two shocking videos show the extent of the pollution


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16 March 2008

The Ecuador oil pipeline landslide

This is a good time to review the impact of the recent landslide in Ecuador that affected the lives of all of us. Once again, there appears to have been little recognition that a landslide was the cause.The landslide in question occurred on 28th May in Amazonia as a result of heavy rain. Such landslides are not uncommon, but the significance of this one is that it severed 80 m …


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