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21 January 2022

Murgame: a debris flow game from the WSL

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has written an interactive game, Murgame, that highlights the risks associated with debris flows to mountain communities


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5 July 2021

The Atami mudslides in Japan

The Atami mudslides in Japan Over the weekend there was considerable attention paid to the remarkable videos of the mudflows in Atami, Japan.¬† This one in particular gained traction:- . But there are several others, which are helpfully combined into a compilation here: . I particularly draw your attention to the excerpt that begins at 8 minutes 16 seconds into the second video (the same sequence appears in the first …


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8 February 2021

The catastrophic landslide and flood in Chamoli in Uttarakhand: the sequence of events

The catastrophic landslide and flood in Chamoli in Uttarakhand: over the last 24 hours, using @Planet Labs and other images, we have crowd-sourced the sequence of events


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28 August 2020

Devastating debris flows in Charikar, Afghanistan

On 26 August 2020 debris flows induced by intense rainfall hit Charikar in Afghanistan, killing at least 100 people.


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14 August 2020

More information about the Pettimudi landslide in Rajmala, Kerala

The Pettimudi landslide in Kerala, India on 6 August 2020 was a c.2 km long channelised flow. It now appears that 66 people were killed.


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11 August 2020

Landslides after wildfires

A new study (Rengers et al 2020) published open access in the journal Landslides examines failures in areas affected by recent wildfires in California.


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7 May 2020

Planet Labs high resolution image of the Chesegon, West Pokot landslides

Planet Labs have captured wonderful high resolution SkySat imagery of the 17 April 2020 channelised debris flows at Chesegon, Kenya.


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16 March 2020

An analysis of the Piz Cengalo landslide

A new open access paper (Mergili et al. 2020), analyses the deadly 2017 Piz Cengalo rock avalanche and debris flow in Switzerland, which killed eight people


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4 March 2020

Baixada Santista: significant landslides in Brazil this week

Heavy rainfall on 2 and 3 March 2020 triggered many landslides in the urban area of Baixada Santista in SE Brazil, killing at least 18 people.


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27 February 2020

Breaking News: a catastrophic glacier collapse and mudflow in Salkantay, Peru

Breaking News: a catastrophic glacier collapse and mudflow has killed at least 4 people, and left 13 missing, in Salkantay, Peru


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