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8 January 2021

Brumadinho: signs of precursory deformation

A new paper (Grebby et al 2021) uses InSAR to detect precursory deformation of the Brumadinho tailings dam before the disastrous failure in 2019. The authors suggest that the failure might have been predictable with use of appropriate monitoring techniques.


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4 March 2020

Baixada Santista: significant landslides in Brazil this week

Heavy rainfall on 2 and 3 March 2020 triggered many landslides in the urban area of Baixada Santista in SE Brazil, killing at least 18 people.


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20 January 2020

Brumadinho: the Expert Panel report on the failure of the Feijão tailings dam

Last month the official Expert Panel released its report on the Feijao tailings dam disaster at Brumadinho in Brazil, which killed over 300 people.


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16 October 2019

Landslide risk management in Rio de Janeiro

A review of the extensive early warning system used to manage landslide risk in the favellas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, a city that faces multiple landslide hazards


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4 October 2019

Nosso Senhora do Livramento: another tailings dam failure in Brazil

On 1st October 2019, another significant tailings dam failure occurred in Brazil, this time at Nosso Senhora do Livramento in Mato Grosso.


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28 May 2019

Gongo Soco mine: another potential tailings dam failure in Brazil

In Brazil another tailings dam, at the Gongo Soco mine in Barão de Cocais to the east of Belo Horizonte, is at risk of failure due to a rock wall collapse.


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25 March 2019

Sul Superior: another Vale tailings dam at risk of imminent collapse in Brazil

Brazilian mining company Vale warned on Friday that the Sul Superior tailings dam, at the Gongo Soco mine in Minas Gerais, is at risk of imminent collapse


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4 February 2019

The speed of the Brumadinho tailings dam landslide

The two important videos showing the Brumadinho tailings dam landslide allow some estimates to be made of the speed of the movement.


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1 February 2019

First thoughts on the Brumadinho dam collapse video

My initial thoughts on the Brumadinho tailings dam collapse video, which has emerged today. The video shows a catastrophic rotational landslide and flow


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Brumadinho disaster: the extent of the environmental impact

The human and environmental costs of the Brumadinho disaster in Brazil are becoming increasingly clear, whilst speculation continues as to the causes of the collapse of the tailings dam


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