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9 April 2019

Eco-Safe Roads – resources to guide construction

A consortium has produced a very useful guide to the design and construction of eco-safe rural roads in high mountain areas


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24 March 2016

The Yale Himalaya Initiative landslide hazard map for Nepal

The Yale Himalaya Initiative has generated a landslide hazard map for Nepal. it is very unclear as to what this map is actually showing.


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26 February 2013

A new, free landslide resource – Community based landslide risk reduction: Managing disasters in small steps

Liz Holcombe and Malcolm Anderson at Bristol have written a new book, which is available free download, on managing landslide hazard in less developed countries. Based on their pioneering work in the Caribbean, this is an invaluable resource


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1 February 2013

Landslides and rural roads in high mountains – an example from Nepal

Landslides are a major problem along roads in high mountain areas. This is illustrated using an example from rural Nepal, in which the construction of a rural road has induced multiple landslides, threatening the local communities.


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16 September 2011

The new UK Government Humanitarian Policy

Commentary on the UK Government policy on humanitarian assistence, released today.


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