25 July 2017

Pandoh: two good new landslide videos from Himachal Pradesh in India

Posted by Dave Petley

Pandoh in Mandi District: a rockfall from Himachal Pradesh in northern India

This excellent landslide video was apparently captured on the NH21 road between Chandigarh and Manali in the Pandoh area of Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh.  The landslide apparently occurred on 23rd July 2017:


The video captures beautifully the topple and detachment, and rapid disintegration, of the block, as well as the precursory rockfalls that clearly served as a warning to the road users:


The topple and fall at Pandoh in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh, on 23rd July 2017. Still from a Youtube video.


A wedge failure in weathered material from Himachal Pradesh

Meanwhile, this interesting large wedge failure in weathered material apparently occurred on 21st June 2017:


There is little additional information about the landslide, but the video captures well both the progressive nature of the slide and the wedge-type failure planes as they developed.