7 April 2014

Two new landslide videos: Hannover Point, UK and Jalisco, Mexico

Posted by Dave Petley

A large landslide in Jalisco, Mexico

Liveleak has this new video of a large landslide that apparently occurred in Jalisco in Mexico over the weekend.  I know no more details, but the impatient driver of the red car was lucky that the landslide did not occur 20 seconds later:


A small landslide at Hannover Point

Meanwhile there is a much better quality video of a somewhat less dramatic landslide at Hannover Point on the Isle of Wight, this time on Youtube:


The On The Wight website has a good description of how this video was collected.

Thanks also to Dr Phil Collins of Brunel University (@PhilCollins_UK) who tweeted that the start of this landslide event is available separately on Youtube: