6 February 2011

One million page requests!

Posted by Dave Petley

Some time on Friday my blogs (i.e. the original Dave’s landslide blog and this blog combined) reached one million page requests.  I feel that I should have had an airport-style surprise waiting for the person to mark the moment (maybe the winner could have got to spend a cold day laser scanning on a windy cliff with me, with the second prize getting to spend two days…), but I was sitting on a plane en route to Singapore at the time.

The million page requests have taken a little over three years, although 708,000 of those were in 2010.  They have come from 461,000 individual visitors.  Assuming that each person stayed on the site for one minute per page request, I have used up 696 days of your collective time.  The numbers are somewhat staggering – I certainly never envisaged this when I started the blog a little over three years ago – so thanks to everyone for your interest and your support.