13 October 2010

Important news about this blog

Posted by Dave Petley

As Dave’s landslide blog approaches it’s third anniversary, I have some important news about the future of the site. As you are aware, the blog currently sits on blogger, which is a commercial blog site owned by google. Whilst it has served the purpose well, I would rather it was located on a proper science-led site. A few months ago I was approached by the AGU, the world’s largest earth science organisation, with an offer to host the blog. After discussions I have accepted this great suggestion, so the blog will move,, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, to the new site. The plan is that this blog will be one of a collection of seven or so geoblogs on the AGU blog site. I will provide details of the new site, and of the other blogs that are moving there, in the next few days.

The move will cause some disruption, but I hope this can be minimised. My plan is to run the new site and the original site in parallel for a few weeks. Otherwise there will be no major changes to the site – I will retain full editorial control of the blog.