8 August 2010

Meanwhile in Northern Pakistan…

Posted by Dave Petley

Amidst the appalling tragedies playing out in southern Pakistan and in China, Northwest Pakistan continues to grapple with its own problems.  Unfortunately the problems at Attabad have not gone away as yet, even though the NDMA reports on the situation have now dried up completely. However, the Pamir Times are still on the case, with a somewhat concerning report yesterday that “Three more houses were dismantled in Gulmit Gojal due to sudden increase in water level of the dammed Hunza River…Rains and floods in different parts of Gojal valley have taken the water level up by around three feet during the last 36 hours, according to local people.”
That new houses are being dismantled suggests that the lake is at its highest level so far.  I do hope that the spillway is being watched carefully.
Meanwhile, the Frontier Post reports two substantial landslides in Gilgit-Baltistan on Friday and Saturday.  The first occurred at Qamrah village in Skardu district late on Friday night, reportedly killing 35 people.  The second occurred in Shout village in Ghanche district, killing four people.  Flash floods are also causing substantial problems.