13 July 2010

Attabad – lake level is high but steady

Posted by Dave Petley

The latest NDMA reports show that the lake level at Attabad is at its highest level to date, but is holding steady.  As before, I have used the reports and the NDMA data to reconstruct the lake level data, to produce a graph that is consistent with NDMA for the last two weeks:

Meanwhile, it appears that the discharge through the spillway has increased again, once more using the NDMA data:

This allows us to look at the discharge – lake level graph again:

The most recent three values are indicated by open diamonds.  There are some suggestions that operations are underway again to widen the spillway, which may explain the increased discharge, but I have no way of verifying this suggestion.

Finally, the press are also reporting that the IDPs will be allowed to return to their villages in early August, when the river discharge has peaked.  Fortunately the enhanced level of landslide activity from the Attabad scar that was observed last week has now reduced.