8 July 2010

A new landslide video

Posted by Dave Petley

Regular readers will be aware that I like to highlight new landslide videos as and when they appear, not least because fellow educators and academics find them to be useful teaching tools.  In addition, watching the videos reminds us of what we are attempting to manage, and can also provide insight into processes.  Latest in the list is this one, which appeared on the web last week:

It appears to be a dry earthflow, but the location, trigger (the weather appears to be dry), etc are all unclear. Judging by the accents, South Asia looks to be the general area. The chap in the forground with the orange coat and a radio looks like he may have come from a construction site, so road construction may well be a factor.

Listen carefully to the comments picked up by the microphone.  “Dear me, no traffic again!” is an understatement in the true British style.