31 May 2010

Attabad – flow on the spillway increasing further

Posted by Dave Petley

The discharge across the spillway at Attabad is still increasing.  Whilst some reports suggest that it is higher, the Pamir Timeshttp://pamirtimes.net/ suggests that the flow at 2 pm local time was 250 cubic feet per second (7.08 cubic metres per second).  If this is correct, the discharge time graph looks like this:

However, the situation is now somewhat confused as the NDMA report from 6 pm on 30th May (i.e. yesterday) was that total outflow was 900 cusecs (25 cubic metres per second).  Assuming that 250 cusecs is seepage, this would give a spillway flow of 650 cusecs (18.4 cubic metres per second).  This seems to be surprisingly high.  Maybe the NDMA information has the wrong time stamp?

Therefore, at the moment I am a little confused as to what is happening.  I will try to clarify this in the next few hours.