23 October 2009

Typhoon Lupit stalls off the coast of Luzon

Posted by Dave Petley

Typhoon Lupit (Ramil) has now stalled off the northern coast off Luzon and is forecast to recurve and to head northwards, whilst weakening as it encounters increasingly cold water over the next few days:

This has been an extremely fortunate outcome, and one that has also exposed the continuing problems with forecasting typhoon tracks. The eTRap forecast for the precipitation over the next 24 hours clearly highlights just how close this storm came to causing substantial rainfall in Luzon:

The threat to Luzon has certainly not gone away completely, but is certainly receding substantially. Luckily, at the moment the storm is also forecast to miss Taiwan as well. Unless there is a dramatic change of direction of the storm this will be my last post on Lupit.