16 October 2009

Another threat to the Philippines – Typhoon Lupit

Posted by Dave Petley

Unfortunately things do not get any easier in the Philippines. Just as the clear-up from Typhoon Parma really gets under way (my tally of the landslide related deaths from this event is currently 346 people), another typhoon has formed. The current track forecasts suggest that there is a reasonable chance that it will pass over the northern part of Luzon once again:

Note that the labels on the track give the date and time – i.e. 21/00Z represents midnight (UT) on 21st, so the storm is some days away. Track forecasts are quite unreliable (that is what the shaded area represents), but the danger here is very real. With the ground being very wet from earlier events, a direct hit from this storm could be very serious. My experience is that late season typhoons (and this is most definitely late in the season) often seem to be quite damaging, although I have no empirical evidence to support that observation.