30 April 2009

British Geological Survey landslide web page

Posted by Dave Petley

The British Geological Survey (BGS) appear to have been quite active of late in overhauling their web pages, reflecting what seems to be an improved ethos of delivery of information to end users. The landslide pages seem to have been subjected to this upgrade of late, which has led to the creation of a really good set of case study pages, backed up with photos, reports and maps. These pages are available below – they are a little slow on my system, but that might be my wireless router:


A good example of this resource is the 1993 Holbeck Hall landslide (see BGS page here), which includes this image:

Perhaps most excitingly, parts of the UK national landslide database are going to be made available online for free through the new Geoindex tool. A Beta version of this tool is already available – it looks to be a really exciting tool.

Great stuff!