5 December 2008

November 2008 fatal landslide maps

Posted by Dave Petley

So here are the scores on the doors for fatal landslides in 2008. First the statistics:
Number of fatal landslides: 48
Number of fatalities: 396.

This is the map of the fatal landslides themselves (click on the map for a better view):

As is normal for this time of year the spatial dsitribution is quite scattered, with slides occurring in SE. Asia, S. Asia and C./S. America. This year there has been a particular focus in Colombia and in Brazil – in fact the map does not really show that there were multiple landslides in a small area (Santa Catarina) in S. Brazil that have resulted in >100 fatalities.

This is the map for the year to date:

Note the line of landslides running from NNE to SSW in China. Does it remind you of the aftershock map for the Wenchuan earthquake?