2 April 2008

March 2008 landslide map

Posted by Dave Petley

The map below shows the distribution of fatal landslides for March 2008.

The statistics are:
Number of fatal landslides: 17
Number of fatalities: 77

Thus February was well below the average for 2003-2007, which is 129 fatalities per annum. The distribution is definitely atypical, with more than usual for this time of year in S. America but less in Asia. This would seem to reflect the current La Nina conditions, which have also led to a globally cool spell (as an aside this has got the global warming denier community amusingly over-excited). La Nina conditions do still prevail, but the event is now weakening. Thus, we might sell see below average numbers of landslides for April (but above April for S. America again perhaps).

March 2008 fatal landslide locations (click for a larger version)

2008 fatal landslide locations up to the end of March (click for a larger version)