16 December 2007

Round-up: 16th December 2007

Posted by Dave Petley

Reported landslides during the last few days:

  • India: A landslide killed two soldiers in Ladakh on 15th December. Six people were injured. No trigger has been reported.
  • Malaysia: As is common at this time of year, Johor in southern Malaysia is suffering from prolonged heavy rainfall. A number of landslides have been reported, most notably blocking roads.
  • USA: there is an article here about an unfortunate home-owner who has had his house condemned due to a new landslide. The house is reportedly worth $1 million (£500,000). As usual, the owners insurance does not cover landslide losses. Interestingly, he reports that trees on the adjacent slopes have been removed in the last year. It would be interesting to know if this was a factor.