This blog is meant to parse the wealth of information and the multitudinous online resources available regarding earthquakes in the hopes of transmitting experience and knowledge of these fearsome events to those of you with questions and curiosity about them.

I mainly focus on the fascinating physical phenomena revealed by each new earthquake and brought onto a global stage by YouTube, Twitter, and the likes. When applicable, I also strive to include resources such as aid organizations and community preparation information in order to bridge the gap between the curious, the concerned, and the stricken, and hopefully to raise awareness of the reality of the earthquake risk that most of the global population faces.

I also intend to compile demonstrative eyewitness videos to illustrate, elucidate, and correct commonly misconceived or misconstrued phenomena associated with earthquakes. Examples include the various types of seismic waves that constitute earthquakes, which are perceived differently and sometimes lead to misinformation, or the nature of tsunami, a phenomenon fraught with misconception.

Follow along if you want to understand awesome forces, witness rare natural phenomena, or seek information about an earthquake you’ve experienced. Of course, as a passionate earthquake scientist pursuing a hobby, I would direct dire concerns and questions to relevant emergency and government agencies, links to some of which you can find to the right.