January 18, 2018

Two Steps to Triton Bay

Posted by larryohanlon

Sometimes you have to build the field in the lab. At the Virginia Tech Active Tectonics and Geomorphology Lab researchers do just that. This is the latest in a series of posts shared from their blog. More of their posts can be found here.

Written by The Geo Models (words by Lisa Whalen, video/model by Phil Prince)

Nothing stays the same very long – and tectonic environments are no exception. Structures from a later event can overprint a previous event. Sorting this all out is both fun and hard work. In this video, Phil recreates two stages of the geologic history of Triton Bay, West Papua (northwest New Guinea).

First, we see convergence forming parallel anticlines. Subsequent extension creates a characteristic rectangular pattern, that when filled in with water matches the local structure.


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