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4 August 2008

Guest Blog: Lakes on Titan

So, Saturn is in the news again, and I’d be remiss in my bloggerly duties if I didn’t mention it. Or, rather Titan is in the news again. See, it has liquid on its surface. But wait, you say, didn’t we already know that? Well, kind of. What had happened is that the radar aboard Cassini showed that there were these dark spots near the poles. Now, interpreting radar is …


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3 August 2008

Guest Blog: On Biases

Hello, my name is Rebecca Harbison, and I’m a grad student in astronomy at Cornell University, and guest-blogger. Some information about me. I work on Saturn’s rings using VIMS, the Visible-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer. Right now, I’m trying to measure how small the smallest particles are in Saturn’s Main Rings, by looking at how they diffract sunlight. (Think of me as sitting in a theater, staring at the light from the …


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