12 September 2017

Sol 1814: Spectacular views

Posted by Ryan Anderson

As we’ve seen from the past several weeks and months of imaging, Curiosity’s approach to and ascent of the Vera Rubin Ridge (VRR) has provided us with stunning views of the Mount Sharp terrain. Our parking spot after this weekend’s drive was no exception, seen in the Navcam image above. In today’s plan we are continuing our trek up the lower strata of the VRR and have no shortage of multi-colored bedrock targets to image and analyze.

Today we planned two sols. On Sol 1814, we planned a touch-and-go (APXS analysis + full suite of MAHLI images) on the dark bedrock target ‘Pumpkin Nob.’ Additional science block activities include a corresponding ChemCam raster and Mastcam image of Pumpkin Nob. We’ll also perform a multispectral Mastcam observation on ‘Weymouth Point,’ a region of VRR terrain just ahead of Curiosity. Following a drive, we’ll take our standard post-drive images and DAN active observation. On Sol 1815, we have a short mid-day science block, during which ENV will conduct a suprahorizon movie and dust devil survey. ENV also has its standard REMS observations.

Written by Rachel Kronyak, Planetary Geologist at University of Tennessee