15 December 2008

Blogging from the Bottom of the World

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Did you know that most of the meteorites ever found come from Antarctica? It’s the perfect place to look for them because it’s dry and cold, so they are well preserved. Plus, when you’re out on a kilometers-thick ice sheet, all the rocks are meteorites! Just drive around and pick up anything that isn’t ice!

Anyway, I bring this up because there is now a blog chronicling the adventures of this summer’s ANSMET team. Unfortunately, the blog doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed, but you can sign up for email updates and follow the adventure vicariously from the warmth and comfort of home. ANSMET is one of those things that sounds like it would be a really interesting life experience and I occasionally go through bouts of wanting to do it (usually after seeing their presentations at LPSC) but then I remember that it is essentially camping out in antarctica and come back to my senses…

Anyway, I’m off to more AGU sessions. Enjoy reading about life at the south pole!