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5 April 2022

Mount Bolu: an interesting case study of a tunnel portal landslide in Turkey

Mount Bolu: an interesting case study of a tunnel portal landslide that blocked a major highway in Turkey on 3 April 2022


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6 October 2021

Heishui: a rockslide at a tunnel portal in Sichuan Province, China

An interesting and potentially very dangerous rockslide was caught on video in Heishui, in Sichuan Province in China. Fortunately there were no casualties.


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5 October 2020

The Jimei landslide: inducing reactivation of an ancient failure through tunneling

In a new paper in the Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Wang et al. (2020) describe the impact of a tunnel on the ancient Jimie landslide in China


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16 April 2020

The collapse of the Dehdasht-Pataveh tunnel portal in Iran

Two interesting new landslide videos – a slump in residual soil and the collapse of the Dehdasht – Pataveh tunnel portal in Iran


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5 June 2016

Three interesting new landslide videos – Colombia, Hechi in China and Anatolia in Turkey

Three new landslide videos have appeared on Youtube: a road slope collapse from Hechi in China, a quarry landslide in Anatolia in Turkey & the collapse of a slope by a tunnel portal in Colombia


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5 April 2016

Heavy rainfall brings extensive landsliding to Kohistan and other parts of northern Pakistan

Heavy rainfall in northern Pakistan has triggered multiple landslides and rockfalls, including a major failure in Kohistan that may have killed 38 people in addition to many landslides on the Karakoram Highway


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27 June 2015

Lac du Chambon – a rapidly failing landslide that has disrupted the Tour de France

In the Alps a progressively failing landslide on the banks of the Lac du Chambon has required a change to the route of a famous stage of the Tour de France


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4 February 2015

Harbury Tunnel landslide: an update from Network Rail

Yesterday Network Rail released more information, and some good images, of the Harbury Tunnel landslide in Central England. The images suggest a complex failure mechanism involving 350,000 tonnes of material


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9 March 2009

The loss of a geotechnical great – Sir Alan Muir-Wood

The Daily Telegraph is today carrying an obituary of Sir Alan Muir-Wood. Whilst Sir Alan will be best remembered as one of the modern-day fathers of tunnelling, his early work was focused on erosion on the south coast of England. For example, he was responsible for developing an understanding of the Folkestone Warren landslide in Kent in SE England (see image below), and for many other coastal slopes beside. His …


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