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20 March 2020

Sinking ships to stop erosion

Sinking ships to stop erosion: the banks of the River Severn in England have been protected from landslides by sinking disused barges, creating a graveyard of old vessels


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20 February 2020

Hardin County: a dramatic landslide in Tennessee

Two houses were destroyed in a rainfall induced landslide on a steep bluff at Hardin County in Tennessee on 15 February 2020


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15 January 2016

Wolhusen: an interesting river-blocking rockfall in Switzerland

On Monday night a large rockfall in Wolhusen blocked the Keine Emme river, causing a flood through a local industrial park. Estimated damage is US$1 million


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21 October 2010

The curious story of the Rajang log jam in Sarawak, Malaysia

An interesting if somewhat strange story has developed in Malaysia over the last few days.  The Rajang River flows over a distance of about 560 km across Sarawak.  It is fairly obvious on this Google Earth image: A fortnight ago reports emerged that there were navigation problems on the lower reaches of the river.   Unusually, these issues occurred not because of high or low river levels, but because the …


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