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20 June 2023

The 30 June 2022 Tupul, Manipur landslide in India

On 30 June 2022 a landslide at Tupul, in Manipur, India, killed 61 people. A new paper (Baruah et al. 2023) provides an initial analysis, concluding that the failure was caused by poor construction and triggered by heavy rainfall.


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7 November 2022

The May 2022 landslide cluster at Dima Hasao district in Assam, India

In May 2022 heavy rainfall triggered many landslides at Dima Hasao district in Assam, India. In a new paper in the journal Landslides, Roy et al. (2022) have mapped >5000 individual slides in this event.


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15 July 2022

Landslides triggered by exceptional rainfall in Australia

Recent heavy rainfall has triggered landslides in parts of eastern Australia, causing damage to railway lines and properties


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8 July 2022

Shifting the blame for the deadly landslide at Tupul in India

The Tupul landslide occurred at the site of a major construction project involving slope excavation, but officials are blaming poor farming methods for the failure


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5 July 2022

The Tupul landslide: understanding the site

The Tupul landslide: archive Google Earth images provide interesting clues as to the causes of the tragedy that killed at least 47 people.


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4 July 2022

Tupul: a landslide disaster in Manipur, India

On 30 June 2022 a very large landslide occurred at Tupul in Noney district of Manipur in Northern India, killing at least 42 people.


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22 November 2021

The British Columbia landslides and floods – new images of the impacts

Over the last few days new sets of images have been posted online of the enormous impact of the landslides that affected parts of British Columbia a week ago, caused by an exceptional rainfall event. 


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2 June 2021

The 1918 Getå landslide disaster in Sweden

On 1 October 1918 a train was derailed by a landslide at Getå in Sweden. The accident, and the subsequent fire, killed at least 42 people.


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9 February 2021

Southannan: a major railway landslide in Scotland

Southannan: a major railway landslide in Scotland over the weekend has blocked the line between Ardrossan and Largs


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6 March 2020

The landslide-induced TGV (high speed train) accident in France yesterday

Yesterday, a TGV (high speed train) travelling at 270 kmh struck a landslide between Strasburg and Vendenheim in the Bas-Rhin area of France, causing a serious derailment that injured 22 people.


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