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26 July 2022

The risk of large rockslides at the port of Skagway in Alaska

Following three failures in the last few years, a new report highlights the risk of large rockslides at the port of Skagway in Alaska.


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21 January 2010

More on the earthquake damage to Haiti port

Google have now released an even higher resolution set of satellite images of Port-au-Prince, this time collected using the IKONOS instrument. These images have an extraordinary level of resolution – about 15 cm – meaning that the images are spectacular. This allows us to get a better understanding of the liquefaction damage at the port, the subject of my earlier post. So, this is a close up of the damage …


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18 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake – video of the liquefaction damage to the main dockyard in Port-au-Prince

Following up on my post yesterday on the nature of the liquefaction damage to the main container port in Port-au-Prince, CNN has a video from the site. The video is here:http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/americas/01/15/haiti.harbor/index.html The recording appears to have been shot in this area (this is the post earthquake Google Geoeye imagery): The video clearly shows the liquefaction features, the collapsed wharves and the damaged cranes and notes how much work is needed …


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