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1 November 2021

A large landslide or glacial lake outburst in the headwaters of the Kameng River in Northern India?

The Discovering Arunachal blog reports that the Kameng River in N. India suffered a major sediment event on 29 October. The cause is unclear, but Planet Labs images confirm that a major erosion and deposition event occurred.


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10 June 2020

The role of earthquake and rainstorm induced landslides in shaping mountain chains

A new study published in Science Advances (Wang et al. 2020) shows that rainstorms tend to trigger landslides that sculpt the landscape at lower levels, whilst earthquake induced landslides cause erosion at higher elevations.


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9 April 2019

Eco-Safe Roads – resources to guide construction

A consortium has produced a very useful guide to the design and construction of eco-safe rural roads in high mountain areas


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29 August 2015

A large rockfall on the Tour Ronde, Mont Blanc

On Thursday a significant rockfall occurred on the Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc region. It was captured in a dramatic video by Gianluca Marra, a local climbing guide


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