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7 May 2020

Planet Labs high resolution image of the Chesegon, West Pokot landslides

Planet Labs have captured wonderful high resolution SkySat imagery of the 17 April 2020 channelised debris flows at Chesegon, Kenya.


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29 April 2020

West Pokot: channelised debris flows killed up to 40 people in Kenya on 18 April 2020

Thanks to the Hazmapper team, we have learned that major landslides occurred in West Pokot, Kenya on 18 April 2020, killing up to 40 people and displacing 4,000.


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28 November 2019

West Pokot: a landslide disaster in Kenya

Extremely heavy rainfall affected West Pokot in Kenya on 23 and 24 November 2019, triggering extensive landslides that have caused at least 50 fatalities


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5 June 2017

Another video of the terrifying Illgraben debris flow in Switzerland

Pierre Zufferey has posted to Youtube an even better video of the terrifying Illgraben debris flow of 29th May 2017, which I featured last week


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8 November 2008

Recent landslide updates

A few updates on landslide events over the last few days:1. Highway 97: various newspapers now report that the teams trying to stop the movement of the slope are making headway. The rate of movement has now slowed to about 8 mm per day (half of the rates measured early in the crisis). The drilling and blasting crews have now moved 5,000 cubic metres per day from the crown to …


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