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30 August 2016

The official report into the Samarco Tailings Dam failure in Brazil

Yesterday the official report into the Samarco Tailings Dam failure in Brazil was released. A website has been created to allow the report to be downloaded. The investigation documents a long series of management problems at the site prior to the final collapse.


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9 September 2015

West Salt Creek Landslide: Colorado Geological Survey report

The Colorado Geological Survey has produced a detailed report on the 2014 West Salt Creek landslide, which killed three men. Surprisingly, this was a high mobility rock avalanche that initiated as a rotational landslide.


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2 February 2010

The causes of the Shiaolin landslide disaster in Taiwan

The Shiaolin landslide disaster in Taiwan, which occurred during typhoon Morakot last August, has been the source of huge controversy. To recap, the landslide, which occurred during an exceptional rainfall event, wiped out Shiaolin village, killing about 500 people. The controversy centred on two key aspects – first, the perceived very slow response of the government to the disaster and second the possibility that tunneling associated with the Zengwen Reservoir …


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13 December 2009

Poor mining management was the cause of the Sigou Village landslide in China

Back in August I posted a couple of times on a fatal landslide in at Lifan (sometimes written Loufan) in Sigou County in Shanxi Province in China (the posts are here and here), which appeared to be a mining related flowslide that killed 45 people. Yesterday the People’s Daily website ran a story explaining the results of the enquiry into the landslide: “Illegal production and slack safety oversight were main …


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