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7 October 2020

Eyjafordur (Eyjafirði): a large landslide in Iceland yesterday

A large, mobile landslide occurred in the Eyjafordur (Eyjafirði) area of northern Iceland yesterday, fortunately causing little damage.


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26 July 2018

Detail on the Fagraskógarfjall landslide from the Icelandic Met Office

Two articles on Icelandic Met Office website provide detail on the Fagraskógarfjall landslide. The slide, which was detected by the seismic network, had a source volume of about 7 million cubic metres and showed quite a high level of mobility


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24 July 2018

Fagraskogarfjall landslide – a high resolution satellite image via Planet Labs

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution SkySat image of the Fagraskogarfjall landslide in Iceland. It shows the complex hummocky topography of the landslide deposit.


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9 July 2018

Fagraskógarfjall: a very large landslide in Iceland on Saturday

On Saturday morning, a very large landslide detached from the Fagraskógarfjall massif in Iceland, travelling about 1.5 km over the valley floor. The landslide has blocked an important salmon river


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24 July 2014

Askja: a very large volcanic landslide in Iceland

This week a very large landslide occurred on the flanks of the Askja stratovolcano in Iceland. Initial estimates are that is over 25 million cubic metres. and that it generated tsunami waves in the lake at the toe that were over 50 m high.


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23 March 2013

The role of joints in controlling rockfalls

A post providing a spectaular example of columnar jointing from Iceland, examining the role that joints play in rockfalls


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21 March 2013

Helicopter images of the Mid-Atlantic ridge in Iceland

Last weekend we chartered a helicopter to fly over the mid-Atlantic ridge in Iceland. This post displays some of the photographs.


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20 October 2011

An interesting and large landslide in Iceland

A brief report, including images, on a c.1 million cubic metre landslide in Iceland that occurred last Friday.


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17 April 2010

Extraordinary video of a Jokulhlaup in Iceland

A jokulhlaup is a sudden release of water from beneath a glacier.  One of the key triggers for Jokulhlaup is the eruption of a volcanic beneath an icecap.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that jokulhlaups have been triggered by the Eyjafjallajokull eruption that is causing such chaos across Europe (guess who was supposed to go to Hong Kong on Thursday…), and increasingly beyond. Now, a jokulhlaup is not …


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