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9 January 2010

Detailed information and amazing images of the catastrophic Attabad (Atabad or Atta Abad) landslide in Hunza, Pakistan

See update from 11th January 2010 here Pamir Times image of the landslide A few days I ago I posted on reports of the Attabad landslide (which is variously described as the Atabad landslide or the Atta Abad landslide) in Hunza, Pakistan. There has been very little information about this bar various reports that it was not as bad as had been feared. However, Reliefweb has today published a report …


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16 June 2008

Landslides in Darjeeling, India

In September 2007 intense monsoon rainfall in the Kalimpong region of Darjeeliing in Northern India triggered large numbers of landslides, killing at least seven people. This has brought to the fore the issue of environmental degradation and the consequent landslides in Himalayan environments. Darjeeling is a microcosm of problems arising throughout the Himalaya, with rapidly increasing numbers of landslides causing major problems. Darjeeling is probably most famous for its tea …


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