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2 February 2023

The 15 December 1952 Niiortuut landslide-tsunami in central West Greenland

A paper in Science of the Total Environment (Svennevig et al. 2023) describes the 15 December 1952 Niiortuut landslide in Greenland. It concludes that this was one of the earliest anthropogenic warming-induced landslides identified to date.


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22 January 2016

The Punta Tre Amici rockslide in Italy

The Punta Tre Amici rockslide, a landslide of about 200,000 cubic metres, occurred on the flanks of Monte Rosa on 16th December 2015.


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15 February 2015

Fox Glacier – a time lapse video of slope failures as the glacier retreats

Victoria University of Wellington has compiled a fascinating time lapse video of slope movements as the Fox Glacier in New Zealand retreats in response to climate change


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