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16 January 2018

Satellite images of the Montecito debris flows in California

Last week significant debris flows struck the Montecito area of California, causing at least 20 fatalities. Planet Labs have now captured medium and high resolution images of the area affected.


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22 September 2016

Wye River: landslides in the aftermath of a forest fire in Australia

The small town of Wye River in Australia, which was devastated by a forest fire in December 2015, is being affected by many rainfall triggered landslides


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2 December 2008

Burning landslides revisited…

Back in August I posted on the strange phenomenon of burning landslides. This is an interesting and surprisingly common phenomenon in which a slope failure exposes materials in the soil or rock that oxidises to generate large amounts of heat. At times this effect can be strong enough to actually ignite – in Dorset in England for example organic matter in the Kimmeridge Clay (which is the main source rock …


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