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18 May 2020

The current landslide crisis in East Africa

Data suggests that the recent high number of fatal landslides in East Africa may be associated with the state of the Indian Ocean Dipole


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14 May 2020

The 2019 fatal landslide dataset

I have made the 2019 fatal landslide dataset available as a Google Sheet for the community to use, and welcome any corrections or additions


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13 May 2020

A map of 2019 fatal landslides

I have now been able to generate the global map of 2019 fatal landslides. This shows an unusual cluster of landslides in East Africa.


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25 March 2020

Fatal landslides in 2019

In 2019 I recorded a total 463 non-seismic fatal landslides, causing 3270 deaths, plus a further 27 fatal landslides triggered by earthquakes, making 2019 the third worst on record.


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2 December 2019

Losses from mining-related landslides

Data suggests that the cost of mining-related landslides is increasing rapidly, with almost 3000 deaths in the period between 2014 and 2018.


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16 September 2019

An update on landslides from the 2019 Northern Hemisphere monsoon season

A review of fatal landslides from the 2019 Northern Hemisphere summer monsoon suggests that the year has been significantly worse than the long term average


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14 July 2010

Fatal landslides in 2010: a half term report

Long term readers of this blog will know that one of its original purposes was to disseminate the work that I do collating data on fatal landslides worldwide.  As the Attabad situation reduces in its intensity I plan to return to some of those key themes.  So here is a half term report on the occurrence of fatal landslides in 2010. Numbers of landslides:As of the end of 30th June …


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15 September 2009

Fatal landslides in S. Asia in 2009

The key driver of landslides in S. Asia is the SW (summer) monsoon, which brings prolonged and sometimes heavy rainfall across much of the Indian subcontinent. This year the monsoon has been comparatively weak so far, with only a month or so to go. Indeed, the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology maps of the total monsoon rainfall give a picture of considerable rainfall deficit, although it should be noted that …


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