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13 July 2018

Rohingya refugee camps: your help needed

The 1 million displaced Rohingya people, now living in refugee camps in Bangladesh having fled from Myanmar, are facing extreme levels of landslide hazard as the monsoon develops. We need your help to try design an effective early warning system.


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12 June 2018

The Rohingya refugees: landslides start to take lives as the monsoon arrives

The Rohinghya refugees: landslides start to take lives as the monsoon arrives For the last few months there has been increasing concern about the plight of many of the Rohingya refugees who have been forced out of Burma – Myanmar – by the military, and are now living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh.  The numbers are vast – some estimates suggest over 700,000 people.  There is particular concern about the …


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22 January 2018

The risk of landslides in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Many of the Rohingya people, forced to leave Myanmar / Burma by ethnic cleansing, are now living in landslide prone locations in Bangladesh. Dramatic satellite images from Planet Labs illustrate the magnitude of the threat.


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27 July 2012

Landslides from the South Asian monsoon in 2012 to date

A review of the 2012 monsoon season to date for South Asia. Monsoon rainfall is very weak, leading to an unusually low number of landslides so far.


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27 June 2012

Multiple landslide impacts worldwide in the last few days

An update on catastrophic landslide events in the last few days in India, Uganda, Bangladesh and Canada


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