18 March 2014

Workshop on physical processes and mechanisms of precipitation-induced landslides

Posted by Dave Petley

Precipitation-induced landslidesprecipitation-induced landslides

Every year several thousands of people are killed by precipitation-induced landslides, such as the one shown adjacent, which occurred in South Korea a few years ago.  Fortunately, this one did not cause any loss of life.


In late November this year, JTC-1 (the joint technical committee on natural slopes and landslide set up by ISSMGE, ISRM and AIEG) will organise a workshop on precipitation-induced landslides.  This will be held at the University of Seoul in South Korea from 24 to 26 November.  It will be followed on 27 November by a forum on “slope safety preparedness for the effects of climate change” and a half day meeting that will examine recent fatal landslides in Asia.  On 28 November there will be a one day field trip.

The full programme is given below:

14_03 JTC1 programme

You will see that this meeting is intended to be a workshop of limited size with lots of discussion rather than a large-scale conference.  In my experience this type of event is the most rewarding to attend.

Call for abstracts

The organisers of the meeting have put up an initial website.  This includes a call for abstracts, which are due on 31st March.  Further details will be provided on the website in due course.