12 March 2012

Please contribute to this debris flow research project

Posted by Dave Petley

Casey Dowling, an MSc student at the Colorado School of Mines, is running a research project in which he is trying to build a database of fatalities from debris flows.  I have agreed to help him by posting the following request for help:

Hello, my name is Casey Dowling and I’m a M.Sc. student at the Colorado School of Mines.  My advisor, Dr. Paul Santi, and I are compiling records to build a debris flow fatality database. We are looking for debris flow events that have caused fatalities, specifically smaller events that may not have made it into international news.  We are hoping to run statistical analysis on the collected data to evaluate trends based on socioeconomic status, debris flow warning signs, and overall geographic distribution.  The focus of the study is on debris flow fatalities occurring from 1950 to the present.   If you know of any such events, please follow the link below to fill out a survey.  Although this form will be kept active indefinitely, we hope to begin statistical analysis by June 1 and ask for your responses by then.


Thank you for your time!

Casey Dowling: [email protected]

Please do help Casey if you can.  I will be providing data from my database to help him.