9 June 2011

Landslide reports – June 2011

Posted by Dave Petley

As an experiment, I am starting what is in effect an open thread.  The aim is to invite readers to submit via the comments reports of landslides that occur in June.  If successful I will start a new thread each month.

So, please submit any reports that you come cross of landslides that occur this month.  This can be in the form of a sentence, a link to a news report, or suchlike.  If possible, it would be helpful to include:

  • when it occurred;
  • where it happened;
  • what was the trigger (it is fine to say unknown or even none);
  • what was the impact (if any).

However, do still post even if some of this information is missing.  Feel free to include any mass movement (including debris flows and rockfalls).  If you have photos then feel free to email them to me, and if appropriate I’ll post them below.

My hope is that this will build up a permanent monthly record of landslides around the world.

I’ll go first:

There is a news report of a landslide in the Banihal area of Ramban, Doda District  in India today.  This killed one personand trapped 26 more in a tunnel, though they have now been rescued.  The trigger was intense rainfall.

Report: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/1-killed-26-rescued-after-flash-floods-hit-banihal-area/801478/