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January 14, 2021

In 2021, create community engagement as a science activator

Would you call yourself an advocate, and activist, or an activator? All of these classifications and actions under them can make a difference for science and the present and future of Planet Earth.


June 7, 2018

AGU Policy Action Center facilitates advocacy for NOAA funding [World Oceans Month]

I can’t emphasize how quick and easy this was to do. AGU has done the legwork in setting up the interface for taking action on important policy issues. If you have never visited or used this interface, please explore the link and connect with your Senators while we still have time to support NOAA during World & National Oceans Month.


July 19, 2017

Advocacy and Activism – what they mean, why they matter

Advocacy and activism… what are they, and can/should they be done by scientists? What are the impacts to the individual and to society? Items to reflect upon…


June 13, 2017

Don’t forget to comment on the Antiquities Act Monuments

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to protect these public lands, from political to personal. The key is to not keep your passion for these national monuments to yourself. Our opinions need to be heard in DC, and several organizations have created very simple electronic interfaces for us.


April 20, 2017

Helping Students Advocate for the Earth – from InTeGrate

There is a new section of the InTeGrate Teaching Sustainability module titled “Helping Students Advocate for the Earth” – explore these resources “for advice on designing courses around issues central to your community in ways that empower students to advocate for the Earth.”


April 12, 2017

March for Science – will you or won’t you?

If you are looking for me this Earth Day, I’ll be participating in the March for Science in Philadelphia, sporting my purple AGU March for Science long-sleeve shirt. Where will you be?


April 5, 2017

Position yourself with an advocacy statement on science and education

Position statements are a resource that does not benefit anyone if they just sit on an organization’s website – the next step is to do something with them.


March 23, 2017

Join 500 Women Scientists in supporting #OurEPA [Women’s History Month]

Do you support the EPA? 500 Women Scientists wants us to show our love for @Our_EPA! Write two postcards – one to your regional EPA office, and one to your representative to tell him/her why they should support the EPA.