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March 29, 2020

Q&A of how to make a temperature blanket, or scarf, or…

Do you have questions on how to create your own temperature blanket? Here are the answers!


March 28, 2020

25 days to Earth Day 2020 – how are you counting down?

Alas, the massive gatherings and celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day are pretty much cancelled across the globe. But the countdown started for many of us when it was 50 days to go, and now, with 25 days until Earth Day 2020, I’m sharing where I am seeing some fun posts on Twitter. Join them (and me) as we continue the countdown!


March 23, 2020

Daily/weekly highlights of #WomenInSTEM [Women’s History Month]

For Women’s History Month, Twitter has been an amazing source of shout-outs to women from the past and present that have great achievements in STEM fields. Check out the postings this year!


March 21, 2020

Strategic ed tech planning with the 2020 Horizon Report by EDUCAUSE

In this immediate and incredible shift to fully online teaching and learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how many of these “key trends and emerging technologies and practices shaping the future of teaching and learning” will remain relevant, or a priority, or will disappear from the list because of new priorities that must be addressed?


March 11, 2020

Are your students prepared for a fully online course? Find out by asking them.

I have the tools to teach online – but do my students have access to learn online?


March 1, 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Ocean Decade Heritage Network

“Maritime cultural heritage, the physical remains of past human interactions with the sea, are an inseparable part of the marine and coastal environments. Investigating these interactions at the broadest level can inform the present, allowing us to understand future patterns where we face marine pollution, sea-level rise and other hazards, and contribute data to ecosystems management.”


February 20, 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Storytellers Program

The OSM Storytellers program arranged for OSM20 participants to read children’s books about the ocean at local San Diego Public Libraries. Learn about the experience of three ocean scientists as they read ocean-themed books at Central Library!


February 19, 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Oceanography in Space

Working together, planetary and ocean scientists can utilize oceanographic knowledge to plan future missions to explore ocean worlds, while doing some reverse engineering to study our own planet.


February 17, 2020

Ocean Sciences 2020 – Plenary by Nainoa Thompson

One people, one ocean – we need to act this way.  —  Nainoa Thompson, Ocean Sciences 2020 plenary, February 16, 2020


February 16, 2020

Before you play conference bingo…

When it comes to conference bingo, we can do better… by not playing at all, and calling attention to our colleagues we see engaging in this activity and explaining why it is not appropriate or supportive or inclusive for our science community.