March 28, 2020

25 days to Earth Day 2020 – how are you counting down?

Posted by Laura Guertin

I blogged at the 50 day countdown to Earth Day 2020, the 50th anniversary year of this special day. Check out the post!

Alas, the massive gatherings and celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day are pretty much cancelled across the globe. But the countdown started for many of us when it was 50 days to go, and now, with 25 days until Earth Day 2020, I’m sharing where I am seeing some fun posts on Twitter. Join them (and me) as we continue the countdown!

And from another NASA Twitter feed:


The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center in Philadelphia (PA) started daily postings of children’s books relating to water. Their posts stopped on March 16 (COVID-19 restructions in Philadelphia), but the books listed in each tweet up until that point are a nice collection to check out!


I started my own countdown at the 50-day mark. As an oceanographer, each of my tweets highlight an ocean topic, scientist, technology, educational resource, etc. I’ve connected all of mine as one Twitter thread, so by clicking on the first one, you can scroll through all of them on the same page.


Have you seen any other Earth and space countdowns as the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaches? Share them in the Comment box below!