March 23, 2020

Daily/weekly highlights of #WomenInSTEM [Women’s History Month]

Posted by Laura Guertin

Women’s History Month celebrations have been overshadowed in the news or completely cancelled because of the pandemic COVID-19. But Twitter has been an amazing source of shout-outs to women from the past and present that have great achievements in STEM fields. These are some of the accounts I encourage you to check out, learn from, and share with others (of course, there are many more!). Note that you do not need a Twitter account to access these tweets.

NASA Climate

Highlights include Kate Marvel, Erika Podest, Yolanda Shea.


NASA History Office

Highlights include the original computers, Pearl Young, Oceola Hall, Kitty O’Brien Joyner, Marjorie Townsend, Jerrie Cobb, Dee O’Hara, Susan Helms, Nancy Roman, Jeanette Scissum, Bettie L. White, Valentina Tereshkova, Barbara Crawford, Margaret W. ‘Hap’ Brennecke, Barbara Askins, crews of STS-131 and Expedition 23, Joanne Simpson, the women behind NASA New Horizons, features of Venus named after women, Billie Robertson,


U.S. Department of State | Science Diplomacy USA

Highlights include Dorothy Hodgkin, Rachel Carson, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Mollie Beattie, Sally Ride, Wangari Maathai, Chien-Shiung Wu, Ruth Gates, Jane Addams, Maria Sibylla Merian, Josephine Cochrane, Emmy Noether, Eugenie Clark, Margaret “Mattie” Knight, Gertrude Elion, Kate Sessions, Dame Miriam Rothschild, Berta Isabel Caceres Flores, Margaret Stoughton Abell, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Helen Taussig, Marie Tharp, Lise Meitner,


SPIE Women in Optics

Highlights can be found on their Twitter feed @WomenInOptics.



Highlights can be found on their Twitter feed @NREL.


The Optical Society

Highlights can be found on their Twitter feed @OpticalSociety.


Science History Institute

In March, they have been hosting a clever “Science History Bracket” for those missing March Madness in college basketball…


NOAA Research

Highlights include Marisa Gedney, April Croxton, Laura Slivinski, Emily Osborne, Jessica Luo, Adrienne Sutton, Jessica Cross, Kandis Boyd, Jamese Sims, NOAA hurricane hunterSegayle Thompson, Kasey Cantwell, Kelly Goodwin, women of NOAA StoryMap


NOAA Sancutuaries